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usb power outlet
About USB Power Outlets
While some big-ticket upgrades can be costly, adjustments like adding USB wall sockets can be comparatively inexpensive. Find out more about USB power outlets here!
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How to Install a Power Outlet
Installing a new power outlet in your home isn't easy! In Australia, a licenced electrician must carry out the work but we're here to give ...
Transco Opal Glass look Outlets and Switches
Functionality and Elegance on Socket and Switch
Transco Opal glass-look offer both functionality and elegance on socket and switch range.
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Design Award Transco Electrical Neptune Weatherproof Socket
Transco Neptune Weatherproof Socket has won 2014 Good Design Award in the category of Hardware and Building.
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TransFast Fast Connect
See how Transco TransFast Fast Connect Socket connects cable in seconds.
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Design Award Transco Electrical TransFast Socket
Transco Electrical FastConnect Transfast Socket won 2013 Australian International Good Design Award.
banner transco designbuild 2012 melbourne alex video
Transco at DesignBUILD Melbourne
Transco at DesignBUILD Melbourne 2012 talked about the revolutionary FastConnect Socket.