Temporary Site Power Board

TRANSCO Sentinel temporary site boards are developed to meet or exceed AS/NZS 3012:2010 Electrical installations (construction and demolition sites).

The temporary site boards deliver a safe, user friendly, long lasting, economical site power solution.

  • otsb1f

    Temporary Site Power Board Lockable Single Phase 6Ka RCBO 10Ka Circuit Breaker with 4x IP65 Double Pole Double Outlet

  • otsb3f

    Temporary Site Power Board Lockable Three Phase 6Ka RCBO Industrial 5 Pin 32A Switched Combination with 4x IP65 Double Pole Double Outlet

  • 4 x IP65 genuine double-pole rocker-switched double outlet
  • Neon indicators
  • IP66 switch box with padlock
  • Flat-pack ability, easily shippable between projects
  • Complied to AS/NZS 3012
TranscoTSB TSB1  200

Single Phase Temporary Site Board

Code: TSB1

TranscoTSB TSB1
  • 490x490mm galvanized rubust metal box.
  • IP66 switch box with padlock.
  • 6ka, 30mA RCD/MCB and 10ka main switch.
  • Genuine double pole IP65 switched outlet with neon indicators, ample space between outlets.
  • Anti intrusion frame sealing.
  • Lockable latch.
  • Powder coated high visibility frame.
  • Knockdown reinforced feet with predrilled ground mounting holes.
TranscoTSB Stand 350 crcl

Three Phase Temporary Site Board

Code: TSB3

TranscoTSB TSB3
  • With three phase main switch and three phase RCD/MCB protected outlet
  • With three phase IP66 5pin 32a switched combination socket
TranscoTSB TSB3 0 515

Box: 495mm (L) × 490mm (W) ×260mmm (H)
Galvanized steel in 1mm thickness

Frame: 600mm (L) × 380mm (W) × 1800mm (H)
Galvanized steel in 1.5mm thickness + powder coated