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    FastConnect Fast Power Point

    Easily connect 2.5 mm² cable 240V a.c. 10A
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    FastConnect Fast Switch

    Easily connect 1.5 mm² cable 240V a.c. 10A

    FastConnect Fast Surface Socket

    Easily connect 1.5 mm² or 2.5 mm² cable 240V a.c. 10A
    Good Design Award Transco Electrical
    Australian Design Award
    Transco Transfast Fast Connect Socket
    gif fastconnect cam step ct
    Cable stripping is history

    Transco Fast Connect Transfast socket does not need pliers and screwdrivers to connect wire, while other quick connect socket product in the market needs pliers to strip external cable sheath.

    Quick connect socket in seconds

    Fast Connect socket can quickly connect socket in seconds while also achieving perfect cable connection.

    • Perfect and instant connect every time
    • No cutting, no stripping, no twisting, no screwing
    • Easier and more secured
    • Pull as you go
    • Forward load carrying
    • Green product that reduces cable waste
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    STEP 1 – Place Cable in Cable Channel
    STEP 2 - Put Cam On
    STEP 2 – Put Cam On
    STEP 3 - Slide Cam Across
    STEP 3 – Slide Cam Across
    STEP 4 - Insert Screwdriver Into Connection Lever
    STEP 4 – Insert Screwdriver Into Connection Lever
    STEP 5 - Pull Across
    STEP 5 – Pull Across
    DONE - An Electrical Connection in 10 Seconds
    DONE – An Electrical Connection in 10 Seconds

    TransFast sockets are a three pin power outlet that allows the user for the first time to connect mid-cable without exposing the cables copper core. Using our patented cam over teeth design you can with speed unparalleled (more than ten times faster than a traditional connection), accuracy (the same high quality connection every time) and enhanced safety (removing the need for user to come in contact with the electrical conductor).The TransFast electrical socket design is the beginning of a connection revolution in the electrical industry.

    No need to strip or cut power cable. No need to use pliers, or screwdrivers to make an electrical connection.

    A conventional electrical connection is made by using a pair pliers to strip away the layers of insulation, exposing the copper conductors, twisting them together in ad hoc fashion, then screwing them down in a clamping device to make the connection permanent. Our design allows the user to make a high quality electrical connection every time, no matter the users skill level, environment, or time pressure. This is A great leap forward in productivity, and an improvement in safety.

    Forward Load Carrying

    The copper conductor in electrical cables are stranded (seven cores) and twisted, in a traditional connection it highly possible for a strand or strands to break, reducing the connection area, hence reducing the load capacity. An important feature of our design is the removal of diminished forward load carrying capacity, the Transfast design does not break or breach the cables strands, so loss of forward conductivity through strand breakage is eliminated.

    Reduce Cable Waste

    Transfast socket outlet reduces the length of “tail” required per connection. Imagine a commercial lighting installation with twenty lights (with led low power consumptions lights this highly possible), the cable is run along the false ceiling with loops (or tails) hanging down where each light is to go. The Transfast design reduces a tail length by 30%, reducing the amount copper and pvc used in each installation. Reductions in off cut and cable stripping waste are made, reducing land fill.

    FastConnect Fast Cable Tap

    Easily loop 3 x 2.5 mm² cable

    FastConnect Fast Wire Connector

    Easily connect 1.5 mm² or 2.5 mm² wires 240V a.c.
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