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Australian/NZ Pin Configuration


Transco IP66 Industrial Switchgear
Transco IP66 Industrial Switchgear
Transco IP66 Industrial Switchgear
  1. The body is made from polymide 6.6 material. This material is chemical resistant in its standard form. (i.e petroleum acids, alkalines, detergent reducing and oxidizing agents etc.) The body is UV stable making it ideal for use in the outdoors. It contains no halogens or PVC which will reduce toxic fumes in the event of fire,The body is extremely strong and passes steel ball drop test, 100mm Dia 4KG drop 0.7m high
  2. I.E.C colour coding for switch handles
    Blue = 240V single phase
    Red = 415V three phase
  3. Padlockable in off position
  4. Lid hinged on the front and not on the side to ensure that the ingress of dust and water is not possible
  5. Cover is flush with body and not protruding
  6. Flush fitting latch provides an easy opening action
  7. Heavy duty contact wiring block for all their 240V and 415V Combinations and Isolators
  8. The switch contact block comes complete with neutral and earth terminals for ease of installation
  9. All their switches and sockets are pre-wired for faster and easier of installation
  10. Plastic cap cover for Stainless steel screws
  11. Removable clip on bridge to make it easier for installation and an extra seal to maintain genuine IP66 rating
  12. Neoprene O rings for conduit entries thus negating the need for glue

IP66 Switched Combination, IP66 Plug, IP66 Isolation Switch, IP66 Socket Outlet, Adaptable Box