Portable Power Outlet RCBO Protected

RCD Safety Switch RCBO Protected for industrial and building sites as per the requirements of AS/NZS 3012
transco weatherproof outlets inlet membrane shutter
Inlet Membrane
transco weatherproof outlets neoprene protected switch
Neoprene Protected Switch
transco weatherproof outlets neon indicator
Neon Indicator
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Australia Industrial Class H Approved

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IP53 Weatherproof NATA Lab Tested

TranscoPPO 1 numbers

Gasket sealed

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Safety switch

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Neoprene boot protected

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Inlet membrane protection 4 of 5

Neon activation indicator

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  1. Gasket sealed
  2. Safety switch
  3. Neo-prene boot protected
  4. Inlet membrane protection
  5. Neon activation indicator
  • Double pole mechanisms for safety.
  • Current leakage, short circuit, and overload protection.
  • Dust and moisture/water resistant (ip53).
  • Highly visible orange case.
  • Polycarbonate casing.
  • Power outlet recessed for added protection.
  • Large sturdy base with anchor holes for strength and stability.
  • The heavy duty power cord can be fully wound onto unit.
  • Clear cover over rcd/mcb for added protection & easy access
  • Class H compliant device suitable for construction sites
  • 1.8 metre heavy duty cord assembly
The Transco Portable Power Outlet is your investment in electrical safety and security. The RCD/MCB protected portable power outlet units have been designed in association with user trades people, and new innovations make this product user friendly and provide ultimate electrical safety for both operator and equipment. The Transco Portable Power Outlet is designed to protect the user against electrocution and costly power tools from severe electrical damage.
  • Dust & moisture resistant (IP53).
  • Neon indicators to show power on-off situation.
  • Rubber covers on rocker switch for weatherproof and electrical insulation.
  • Totally sealed housing for weatherproof.
  • Large sturdy base with fixing holes for strength& stability.
  • Heavy duty power cord can be fully wound onto unit.
  • Flat clear cover on RCD/MCB prevents damage.
  • Double pole shuttered power outlets for safety.