Weatherproof outlets and switches

Tested and Approved for Safety and Weatherproof to Australian Standard

Good Design Award IP65 Outlets

IP65 UV Stablised Flush Mount weatherproof outlets

Transco Neptune is the only flush mounted, hingeless, self enclosed, weatherproof (IP65), double pole, neon indicator power point ever made. We have used our patented poly chloroprene gasket technology to achieve ingress protection only seen in expensive bulky top end industrial outlets.

Good Design Award Transco Electrical
Australian Design Award winner

Neptune weatherproof outlets offer safety, space saving, and aesthetic improvement to a huge range of commercial and domestic design applications, from restaurants and cafes through to veterinary clinics, from domestic balconies to alfresco entertaining areas, from caravans to mobile classrooms the Neptune gives you a power solution like none before.

transco weatherproof outlets inlet membrane shutter

Inlet Membrane Shutter

transco weatherproof outlets neoprene protected switch

Neoprene Protected Switch

transco weatherproof outlets neon indicator

Neon Indicator

transco weatherproof outlets rear gasket

Rear Gasket

Patented IP65 Slim Double Pole

Ideal for caravans, camper vans, food trucks, site shed, building site, household wet space
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Transco Neptune IP65 Flush Mount Weatherproof Outlet Slim Double Power Point Double Pole
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TranscoNeptune P2DPPO 180

Patented IP65 Slim

Ideal for household wet space, balconies, outdoor areas, kitchens, bathrooms

No more outdoor outlets

Weatherproof IP65, UV stabilised, Chemical Resistant*, high and low temperature

The Neptune can replace industrial switched socket outlets in commercial and domestic wet area applications. Ingress protection of 65 when operational means the power points can be used safely while hosing using low to medium pressure. The Neptune’s really stands alone when you close the lid, allowing you to use a high pressure cleaning system and all common food industry approved cleaning chemicals will not penetrate or damage the Neptune. UV stabilised means indoor or outdoor the Neptune does not care, -20 degrees to plus 50 degrees means use anywhere.

Space saving and cost saving, available in black and white

Industrial socket outlets are bulky using 80% more space than the Neptune, and costly, more the four times the cost of Neptune. Important in a cafe or commercial kitchen, where space is often at a premium. The aesthetics of the space need to considered, with customers often able to view the food prep areas, large grey boxes on the wall, nice to have a low profile product that blends in with a light or dark back ground, that is what Neptune can do.

Balconies and Alfresco Entertaining Areas have used "garden" style (side mounted down facing power points) weatherproof power points

The Neptune has a quarter of the depth profile of a “garden” power point. The Neptune has a much higher level of ingress protection than all domestic weather proof power points. A contoured front edge, a safer product and a like for like price point.

Neptune power point is double pole (deactivates both the active and the neutral) and has neon power indicators

All mobile and dynamic power points need to be double pole, this applies to caravans, camper vans, mobile food trucks, site sheds, mobile classrooms etc. The Neptune can be used externally and internally on these structures. Neon power indicators help with fault finding, no neon light in on mode supply side fault, neon on appliance fault.

IP66 Switches

Neptune weatherproof outlets

  • P2DPPO Neptune P2DPPO

    Weatherproof IP65 Power Point GPO Double Outlet Double Pole Slim Neon Patented Membrane

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  • P2WS Neptune P2WS V

    Weatherproof IP65 Power Point GPO Double Outlet Slim Neon Patented Membrane

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  • P2DWS Neptune P2DWS V

    Weatherproof IP65 Power Point GPO Double Pole Double Outlet Slim Neon Patented Membrane 10A

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  • OL10 EXP OL V

    Caravan Socket Outlet Double Pole IP44 Patented Membrane

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IP66 weatherproof switches

IP53 weatherproof outlets

  • p2wp 1

    Weatherproof IP53 Power Point GPO

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  • P1WP S

    Weatherproof IP53 Power Point GPO Single Outlet Compact 10A