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Transco at DesignBUILD Melbourne

Transco at DesignBUILD Melbourne 2012 talked about the revolutionary FastConnect Socket.

Transco at DesignBUILD Melbourne 2012 with Alex on the floor talked about the revolutionary FastConnect Transfast Socket.

Interviewer: So I’ve got Alex here with me from Transco. Now Alex, you’ve got a really interesting product with you today.

Alex: Yes.

Interviewer: Tell me a little bit about it.

Alex: OK. Well, what we’ve done is the standard way of – sparkies have been terminating their cables for as long as flat cable has been around, has been to de-sheath the outer layer, then de-sheath the inner layer, screw that back down into a termination. That process roughly – really a good sparky, 40 seconds. We’ve managed to take that process out of it.

So now all you need to do is you got your standard cable. You will place it through the little gate. In, you will get a screwdriver, just a standard screwdriver. You will bring the little toggle, the cam across.  like that and that’s now terminated and finished.

Interviewer: So it’s saving sparkies a lot of time basically.

Alex: They can do 10 in this time that they could do one.

Interviewer: OK, fantastic.

Alex: So it’s a 90 percent efficiency gain and it’s accurate every single time. So they can get their apprentice to be accurate every single time. They can leave them to do it and I mean you got to check your work but it’s such a radical change from what they were doing forever. So the response here at the show has been phenomenal. Everyone was saying it’s a jaw-dropping moment.

Interviewer: That’s really good to hear.

Alex: Yeah.

Interviewer: As I understand it, it’s your fourth time here at the show.

Alex: Yes.

Interviewer: Why do you keep coming back to DesignBUILD?

Alex: Oh, every time we’ve come to DesignBUILD, we’ve brought a new product to the marketplace and we found an audience for it. The show brings a very wide range of people to your stand and it has been absolutely excellent for our progress as a company each time we bring a new product to market. We do it at the time that this show is on and we find an audience and a consumer base for that product.

Interviewer: Great. Well, thank you so much for talking to us today Alex.

Alex: No worries.

Interviewer: Enjoy the rest of the show.

Alex: Thank you, thank you.