Glass-Look Outlet and Switch


Opal is different from Saturn sockets. In Transco OPAL glass-look range, both power points and switches come with rockerless push buttons and LED indicators, while Saturn only has conventional rocker switches on its sockets.


Seamless Glass-look Design

The Transco Opal Series is the most affordable glass look push button power point and switch in the market. The exclusive design enables glass-look on whole faceplate including socket, making the Opal series the only one achieving desired seamless appearance.

Push Button with LED Indicator

All switches and sockets come with sightly-convex flat push buttons, featuring rockerless press mechanism and ON/OFF LED function.

Easy to Retrofit

The Opal series is Australian approved and easy to retrofit to standard wall brackets and clips.

Australian Approval: NSW27779, NSW26313

Transco Opal Glass Look Power Point Socket Outlet and Switch
Transco OPAL Glass-look socket and switch