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Switch Euro Large Dolly Rocker Prestige Style Large Format 10A

Code S1LL Category
CategoryEuro Series
NameLarge dolly large format switch 1-4 gang
ModelS1LL, S2LL, S3LL, S4LL
Power currenta.c.
Power phaseSingle
StructureMoulded top cover and under body
Material of cover/bodyImpact-resistant polycarbonate
ColorElectrical white
Number of switch poleSingle
Number of socket gang1, 2, 3, 4
Cable accomodated2.5mm x4
Fixing centres84mm
Flush mount fittingS3LL (3 gang) and S4LL (4 gang) fit Euro series large plaster bracket and stud bracket only
Made in accordance withAS/NZS3100, AS/NZS3112 and AS/NZS3133

Large Format Large Dolly

Transco Large Dolly Outlets and SwitchesSize: 120mm x 120mm
fixing centres: 84mm

some may require Large Format
mounting bracket

Standard Format Large Dolly

Size: 72mm x 120mm
fixing centres: 84mm

compatible with Standard
mounting bracket, clip and block

European Larger Actuator LARGE Dolly Rocker Switch
  • Large Dolly Rocker

    Large rocker switches for ease of access

  • Bevelled Edge Cover

    Stylish cover available in pearl white and satin chrome

  • Australian Standards

    Complies to meet safety requirements

Yes. Transco Euro Large Dolly series include AS1428.1 compliant rocker switches, and therefore are ideal for aged care, nursing home, and retirement centre where large rockers are required, or where large format plates are preferred. The ergonomic and stylish design of Transco Euro Large Dolly not only brings ease of use but also adds to the feeling of prestige.

Yes. Most of Transco Euro Large Dolly series are compatible with standard mounting accessories, as both Euro Large Format plate (120mm x 120mm) and Euro Standard Format plate (72mm x  120mm) have standard 84mm fixing centres.

  • All Standard Format Euro Large Dolly are compatible with standard mounting brackets, blocks and clips.
  • Some Large Format Euro (S1LL, S2LL, TVLL, RJ1LL) are also compatible with standard mounting accessories.

However, few Large Format Euro (S3LL, S4LL, P2LL, P1XLL) cannot fit into standard brackets. They require mounting accessories with more space reserved for wider body. Transco plaster bracket for large format and stud bracket for large format are backward compatible with all Euro series as well as all other standard size wall plates.

Yes. Transco Euro Large Dolly adaptor clip can universally integrate Euro plate with other standard round corner data, TV, dimmers and switch mechanisms.

Stylish beveled edge cover​

The Transco Large Dolly series is ergonomically designed for ease of use, by all ages, for the disabled and the abled alike. It has a stylish beveled edge cover, available in classic pearl white and the very modern satin chrome.

Easy to use and install

Transco provides two sizes of facia for Large Dolly series of switches and sockets: Standard size 72 mm x 120 mm, and Large Format size 120 mm x 120 mm. Both sizes have the standard fix center 84 mm, so that they can be installed the same way. Both sizes are equipped with large rocker switches for easier locating and operating.

The plug & play adaptor

Allows the Large Dolly series to be universally integrated with other standard round corner data and electrical accessaries, including switches, dimmers, RJ45, TV sockets and many more.

Meet Australian standard

The Transco Large Dolly series of large dolly switches & power outlets are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS3100, AS/NZS3133, meeting all relevant Australian Standard, and complies with the latest wiring rules. The Transco Large Dolly series exceeds all electrical supply authority standards