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Switch Euro Large Dolly Rocker Prestige Style Large Format 10A

Code S1LL Category
Brand Transco
Category Euro Series
Name Large dolly large format switch 1-4 gang
Model S1LL, S2LL, S3LL, S4LL
Power current a.c.
Power phase Single
Rating 10A
Volt 240V
Structure Moulded top cover and under body
Material of cover/body Impact-resistant polycarbonate
Color Electrical white
Number of switch pole Single
Number of socket gang 1, 2, 3, 4
Cable accomodated 2.5mm x4
Size W116mmxL116mmxD20mm
Fixing centres 84mm
Flush mount fitting S3LL (3 gang) and S4LL (4 gang) fit Euro series large plaster bracket and stud bracket only
Made in accordance with AS/NZS3100, AS/NZS3112 and AS/NZS3133