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Plain-Screwed Adaptor

Code ADP20 Category
CategoryConduit fittings
NamePlain to screw adaptor
ModelADP20, ADP25, ADP32, ADP40, ADP50
Size ADP2020mm
ADP20 D24.8
ADP20 d20
ADP20 L21
ADP20 H35.7
ADP20 d113
Size ADP2525mm
ADP25 D31.8
ADP25 d25
ADP25 L23.2
ADP25 H40
ADP25 d119.1
Size ADP3232mm
ADP32 D37.3
ADP32 d32.3
ADP32 L29.5
ADP32 H49.4
ADP32 d125.7
Size ADP4040mm
ADP40 D45.4
ADP40 d40.2
ADP40 L29.9
ADP40 H52
ADP40 d133.4
Size ADP5050mm
ADP50 D57.4
ADP50 d50.25
ADP50 L38.5
ADP50 H64.5
ADP50 d142