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Circuit Breaker MCB 2 Pole 10ka

Code C2P16 Category
Name10ka miniature circuit breaker 1/2/3 pole
Model 1 PoleC1P10, C1P16, C1P20, C1P25, C1P32, C1P40, C1P50, C1P63
Model 2 PoleC2P10, C2P16, C2P20, C2P25, C2P32, C2P40, C2P50, C2P63
Model 3 PoleC3P10, C3P16, C3P20, C3P25, C3P32, C3P40, C3P50, C3P63
StandardAS/NZ 61898-1
Australia approval130852
Number of pole1,2,3
Magnetic tripping characteristicsC
Rated current10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A
Rated short-circuit capacity (Icn)10ka
Rated voltage230/400V
Maximum service voltage264V
Contact position indicationYes
Energy limiting class3
Mechanical lifegreater than 20000
Electrical lifegreater than 8000
Connection terminalScrew terminal, Pillar terminal with clamp
Connection capacity1-16mm
InstallationOn symmetrical DIN rail 35mm panel mounting