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Architrave Switch 10A

Code AS1 Category
Brand Transco
Category Powerclip Series
Name Powerclip architrave light switch 1-4 gang
Model AS1, AS1/B, AS2, AS2/B, AS3, AS3/B, AS4, AS4/B
Power current a.c.
Power phase Single
Rating 10A
Volt 240V
Structure Moulded top cover and under body
Material of cover/body Impact-resistant polycarbonate
Color Electrical white/black
Number of switch pole Single
Cable accomodated 2.5mm x 4
Size W35mmxD20mm; L85mm (AS1, AS2), L135mm(AS3, AS4)
On wall mounting Vertical
Fixing centres 74mm
Made in accordance with AS/NZS3100, AS/NZS3112 and AS/NZS3133
Schematic wiring diagram