Glass-Look Outlet and Switch

Design Advantages

Opal’s edgeless glass look and the homogeneity between switches and sockets have given the interior design world a buzz. The Transco Opal Series will deliver a truly stunning way to finish a quality construction or renovation.

Opal is unique in the Australian market. In Transco Opal series, both power points and switches come with rockerless push buttons and LED indicators, while Saturn only has conventional rocker switches on its sockets.


Seamless Glass-look Design

The Transco Opal series stands alone in style and affordability. The exclusive design enables glass-look on whole faceplate including socket, making the Opal series the only one achieving the much desired seamless appearance.

Push Button with LED Indicator

All switches and sockets come with sightly-convex flat push buttons, featuring rockerless press mechanism and ON/OFF LED function. The switches offer 3 modes of LED indications:

  • LED on when POWER off
  • LED on when POWER on
  • LED always on

Easy to Retrofit

The Transco Opal series is easy to retrofit as it fits to traditional or standard wall brackets and clips.

Tested and Approved

The Transco Opal series is Australian approved. (NSW27779, NSW26313)

Transco OPAL Glass Look Power Outlet and Switch
Transco OPAL Glass Look Power Outlet and Switch