• Triphosphor tubes by Osram.
  • Electronic ballasts by Tridonic.
  • Robust powder coated batten.
  • Insect-free and dust-free structure.
  • Cable entry grommet.
  • Large terminal.
  • Mount directly to the ceiling or a junction box.
  • Precise prismatic diffuser efficiently delivers crisp & clean light.

Best solution for any room

Transco stocks a wide range of quality fluorescent fittings including T5 28W, LED 18W, T8 18W 36W, bare battens, diffused battens, wire guard battens, and weatherproof battens.

Bare Battem

Transco Fluorescent Bare Batten


Transco Fluorescent Diffused

Wire Guard

Transco Fluorescent Wire Guard

T-Bar Recessed Troffer

Transco Fluorescent Tbar

IP66 Weatherproof

Transco Fluorescent weatherproof


T8Bare BattemDiffusedWire GuardIP66 WeatherproofT-Bar Recessed Troffer
2FT1 x 18WF118F118DF118WGF118WP
2 x 18WF218F218DF218WGF218WP
4FT1 x 36WF136F136DF136WGF136WP
2 x 36WF236F236DF236WGF236WPF236TB


T5Bare BattemDiffusedWire GuardT-Bar Recessed Troffer
4FT1 x 28WF128T5F128DT5F128WGT5
2 x 28WF228T5F228DT5F228WGT5F228TBT5


LEDBare BattemDiffusedWire Guard
4FT1 x 18W (LED 4ft tube)F118LEDF118DLEDF118WGLED
2 x 18W (LED 4ft tube)F218LEDF218DLEDF218WGLED