Conduit & Fitting

1-4 Way(s) Deep/Shallow Junction Box; Plain Reducer; Conduit Coupling; Plain to Screw Adapter; Junction Box End Plug; Locating Flange; Disposable Lid; Bend; 90 Degree Sweet Bend; Elbow; Inspection Elbow; Solid Tee; Inspection Tee; Lock Nut;

Corrugated conduits medium duty grey 16mm/20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm

Corrugated conduits heavy duty organge 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm

20mm 1,2,3,4 way junction box deep

25mm 1,2,3,4 way junction box deep

20mm 1,2,3,4 way junction box shallow

25mm 1,2,3,4 way junction box shallow

Reducer 50-40, 40-32, 32-25, 25-20, 20-16

Coupling 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm

Plain to screwed adaptor 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm

Bend 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm

Sweep band 90 degree communication white 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm

Sweep band 90 degree medium duty grey 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm

Sweep band 90 degree heavy duty orange 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm/63mm/80mm/100mm/125mm

Junction box end plug 20mm/25mm

Conduit locator (locating flange) orange 16mm/20mm/25mm/32mm

Disposable lid orange (junction box cup)

Elbow 20mm/25mm

Inspection Elbow 20mm/25mm

Solid tee 20mm/25mm

Inspection tee 20mm/25mm

Corro screwed adapter 20mm/25mm/32mm

Lock nut 20mm/25mm/32mm