Enjoying various facilities in our private homes or at the office doesn’t have to mean that we cannot enjoy an excellent style at the same time.

Button panels and sockets usually look dull and rather unaesthetic, making us buying them not because we like it, but more because we need them. But how about if we had an option that would entwine both, having functionality and elegance in one single item. Transco is the company that thought about these details, knowing that most people are not indifferent when it comes to the design of the places they live or work in. Thus, they have a series of products that exceed the average expectations, being able to deliver full functionality features, and still look outstanding.

The switches offered by Transco, called Transco Opal, have a glass-look design, with flat buttons that are barely noticeable, being felt only at the touch of the finger. But because the company wishes to offer only the best products, with state-of-the-art designs, they even worked on enhancing the design of their push buttons. The brand new generation of buttons has a shiny chrome frame around the actual button, for an extra touch of refinement. It is the detail that makes the difference if you don’t like to let things take place by chance.

It is time to give your home or office a brand new look, and enjoy the easiest working buttons and sockets, with the products offered by Transco. You won’t find anything alike on the market, because the glass-look design is unique, and the buttons are made to be operated by a soft press mechanism, slightly feeling the way these buttons work. They are the way switches and sockets should look in the modern times we are living. The products in the Transco Opal series are the items of the future, so be among the first to enjoy them in your personal space. Also, it is worth mentioning that these products, offered by this company, are the most affordable on the market in their category, so you will be able to enjoy incredible quality at the most competitive prices.

Transco Opal Glass look Outlets and Switches