Transco T8 LED Tube Fitting


  • High efficiency 125 Lm/W
  • Long life 40000 hours
  • High power factor really saves energy
  • Energy saving level A+
  • Low lumen depreciation
  • Versatile uses -20 to 45 °C
  • Perfect beam angle 270 degree
  • 6500K day white
  • Double ended power source
  • For Industrial, Commercial and Home uses
  • Robust powder coated batten
  • Insect-free and dust-free structure
  • Cable entry grommet
  • Large cable terminal
  • Mount directly to the ceiling or a junction box
  • Precise prismatic diffuser efficiently delivers crisp & clean light


Transco Fluorescent Diffused

IP66 Weatherproof

Transco Fluorescent weatherproof

Wire Guard

Transco Fluorescent Wire Guard

T-Bar Recessed Troffer

Transco Fluorescent Tbar


LengthLED TubeEfficiencyLumesLifePower FactorDiffusedWire GuardIP66 WeatherproofT-Bar Recessed Troffer
2FT1 x 9W125 Lm/W1100 Lm40000 hr0.95L109D
2 x 9W125 Lm/W2200 Lm40000 hr0.95L209DD209WGD209WP
4FT1 x 18W125 Lm/W2200 Lm40000 hr0.95L118D
2 x 18W125 Lm/W4400 Lm40000 hr0.95L218DD218WGD218WPD218TB